Members of PICKSC and our partners have been working on educational tools that illustrate fundamental plasma physics concepts to students through the use of particle-in-cell codes. These tools are available for public use, and we are actively interested in engaging with any educators, students, or plasma physicists who would like to use these tools in their classrooms and/or contribute to their development.

You can contact us via email here. The software listed at right is available to anyone who wishes to use them.

For the JupyterPIC project, the input files for the codes used in each Jupyter notebook are available on Github. We furthermore intend to make available input files and notebooks for reproducing results in well-known publications. These input files will contain information regarding the meaning of the input parameters so that someone could try these with their codes of choice as well. If there is a particular topic you are interested in or a publication whose results you would be interested in seeing reproduced, please let us know.

We would very much appreciate hearing back from you if you are interested in these projects.