Python PIC GUI

We have developed an interactive Python PIC GUI for the electrostatic, EM, and Darwin PIC skeleton codes based on the UPIC Framework (which is FFT based). Several classes have already used this GUI, which can be used for example to study:

  • Plasma waves and thermal fluctuations
  • Wake emitted by a single test electron
  • Two stream instability
  • Test particle trajectory in thermal equilibrium
  • Diffusion and drag in velocity space
  • Landau damping with external wave driver
  • Ion acoustic waves
  • Bump on tail instability
  • Light wave dispersion relation
  • Weibel instability
  • LR light waves
  • X mode light waves
  • Bernstein waves
  • Whistler waves
  • Ion Bernstein modes
  • Aliasing effects
  • Grid instability

The code repository will soon be moved to the UCLA-Plasma-Simulation-Group repository on GitHub, and the code will additionally be available on the PICKSC web site. Please send us an email if you are interested in this code.